4 Reasons to Use Your Domain Name for Business Emails

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How would you respond if you got an email from att@gmail.com or even one from sprint@hotmail.com soliciting your business? Think about it… You wouldn’t exactly have the warmest of responses, right?

Well, that’s exactly how you can expect someone to respond to your emails if you don’t use your domain name.

Purchasing a domain for your business or organization is a lot like purchasing real estate for the same purpose. The only difference is that it’s online and not physical.

When you purchase a physical space for your business or organization, you don’t turn around and use a tent or the sidewalk to conduct business. You use that physical space for that purpose: to conduct business. For that exact reason, you want to use your purchased domain name for what it was intended for: conducting business.

Being that emailing is a large part, if not integral part, of conducting business, it’s only natural to conclude that you should be using your domain name for your emails instead of free email services.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should use your domain name for your business emailing.

1. It’s Professional

Using your domain name for your business emails is simply more professional. You have many options regarding how you setup your email accounts. You can setup email accounts per department e.g. billing@domain.com, hr@domain.com, or complaints@domain.com. You can setup email accounts per person as well, e.g. firstname@domain.com, firstname.lastname@domain.com, or name@domain.com.

As your company grows, you can create or delete email accounts as necessary to accommodate your unique business, all while using one uniform domain.

2. It Reinforces Your Brand

When you use your business domain for emailing, you are also branding your business. If you were to give out a business card with a free email service as your email, you’re practically shooting your marketing efforts in the foot.

Every time a prospect sees your domain is another opportunity to brand your business and domain. You can never really use your domain too much.

3. It Builds Credibility

As the question in the first sentence suggested, using free email services for business doesn’t quite engender credibility. Most people understand that anyone can set up a free email account for anything, so you may lose some business because your prospects may find it suspicious. And that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Using your business domain tends to build trust as the average consumer today is much more savvy than before and has not only grown accustomed to but now expects to see your domain used in email accounts.

4. It Can Make You Look Bigger Than You Are

Yes, that’s right, you can appear to be a more “big” or complex company than you are. Because you can setup email accounts as departments, you can have multiple accounts that all go to the same location or to two or three individuals in your team.

The best part is, no one would be the wiser. Some prospects expect to see multiple departmental emails, and for those, you can keep their attention and earn their business by providing top-notch services and/or products.

In Summary

You’ve rightly spent the time and money investing in a business domain name, so it would be nothing short of a waste and a business killer not to use your domain for all your business emails.

Start using your business domain today!

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