Help Get St. Maarten Back On Track

Dear friends, family and loved ones…

As many of you already know, I have been in St. Maarten since the end of February, and was actually planning on leaving before Hurricane Irma, but that didn’t happen.

I’m here, the family is OK, there’s no running water, no power and no Internet. All the above are intermittent if possible in very few areas.

To create this page I had to make it over to a cousin’s who just got power yesterday.

My goal is to start an official fundraising campaign to help St. Maarten get back up and running. The jist of it is to be a local bridge of relief from the US to St. Maarten where I and/or others will personally purchase and fly in relief items for distribution and/or use on the island, including food, generators, personal effects, and other necessities.

However, I’m appealing to all my personal friends and well-wishers who are willing and able to contribute immediately in this effort.

The island has been severely damaged, and even still they are doing a remarkable job of getting things back up, however, this will be a very long and expensive effort.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I hope to be stateside as soon as possible where I’ll be able to better update you and communicate with you, however, those who can I hope you will give to this effort.

Thanks in advance.

Marc Connor

St. Maarten Relief

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