These are some common questions that come up when I’m speaking with clients, potential clients, and potential employers. I figured I’d use them to paint a more comprehensive picture of what I do professionally. If you have a question that isn’t listed and answered on here, please feel free to ask me.

frequently asked questions aka web design wedb development atlanta ga

What do I need to start building my website?
How many pages can I have on my web site?
How long does it normally take to build and host a web site?
How much does a website cost?
What makes you so different than everybody else?
Do you have maintenance plans?
Do I have to stay with you to keep my website?
Can I see how many visitors I've had on my website?
Do I get an email account with my website?
Can you update my current website?
What if I don't have a WordPress website, can you still work with me?
Do you only design and develop websites for individuals, organizations and businesses located in Atlanta?
If you design my website, will I find my website on the search engines?
Can you get my website on the 1st page?